Linux-based Six-channel SOHO NVR

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GVP-NVR06 Linux-based Six-channel SOHO NVR with Intel D410PT main board, 2GB ram, and 500GB hard disk (power adapter included).

- Linux OS, MPEG4/H.264 digital data compression
- Supports up to 6 digital channels
- Drag and re-arrange channel orders, users may change the channels
  by simply clicking on the right button
- Digital video resolution: 320 X 240, 640 X 480, Mega Pixel
  (depends on the specifications of the IP cameras)
- Screen resolution: up to 1280X768.
- Supports 1, 4, 6, 7, 8 9 sub-screens or full screen monitoring
- Supports hiding function so that specific channels with privacy concern won’t be   shown on the monitor screen
- Event channels’ outer frames flash in case motion-trigger or scene changes are   detected
- Message generated timely to warn in case of video signal loss
- Indicates frame sizes and numbers during the RE-PLAY.
- Supports up to 10 users to log into the NVR to monitor through network, to retrieve data remotely, configure system   parameters, etc. The system may record the login, logout time, user ID and IP addresses for future references.
- Multiple layers of user/password encryptions.
- Continual system logging functionality
- Supports digital PTZ control functionality
- Supports real-time hard disk status and recording capacity forecasts
- Supports digital-encryption functionality against faked video or images
- Supports PPPoE anf SMTP; may send out email to inform user of the system IP address to facilitate network logging   from remote.
- Depends on the specifications of IP cameras, the NVR may supports up to 30 fps each channel
- Monitoring mode: monitoring without recording / continual / motion detection / Alarm triggering / motion detection +   alarm / hybrid / Pre-scheduled recording
- Flexible settings on each individual camera
- Supports ability of only to record the time between 5-30 seconds before the alarm trigger point, and10-120 seconds
  after the alarm trigger point.
- Supports dual-streaming which may optimize the recording quality together with smoothest monitoring screens.
- Supports two-way audio ( also depends on the specifications of IP cameras ).
Back up
- USB1.1/2.0 interface to storage media
Easy Playback
- Supports still screen and dynamic digital blow-up functionality
- Supports single or multi screen retrieval functionality
- Supports simultaneous multi-channel playback, multi-channel non-synchronized playback, same channel playbacks at   different time frames, etc.
- Supports event / time searching functionality
- Supports second/minute/period based jump during browsing, and is able to playback or export single-image by clicking.
- Supports backup on single or multiple files.
Alarm and Notification
- Versatile event alarming functionality, different cameras may have different settings.
- Types of events: video loss, motion detection, scene change
- Remote alarming: video loss, hard disk damage, system hang-up
- Event screen can be configured to popup automatically for immediate alarming
- 15-22 sensing fields configurable on the screen for motion-detection
- Supports POS options
Mobile Phone Application
- Supports 3G RTSP real-time browsing functionality
Video Analytics (optional, customized)
Networking and System
- Supports TCP/IP, PPPoE, DHCP, DDNS.
- Supports NTP time-calibration functionality
- System logging: system on/off, video loss, GUI, PTZ, Schedule, Device manager.
- Supports remote system upgrade, or via USB


Mini USB:
RS-232 / PS2:
HTTP server:
13.56 MHz:
125 kHz:

Product Presentation (Granvista_Plus_Network_Camera.pdf, 1,993 Kb) [Download]

Intel D410PT Specifications (Intel_D410PT_Specifications.pdf, 873 Kb) [Download]

Návod k obsluze (02_SOHO_GVP-NVR06_Manual_CZ_2011R1.82.pdf, 5,438 Kb) [Download]